Duresta Sofa Repair. We can bring your favourite Duresta sofa back to 'as new' condition for a LOT less than buying new.

If you're lucky enough to own a Duresta sofa you’ll appreciate the care and quality materials that went into its construction. It’s a high quality item, lovingly built by experienced craftsmen from the very best materials.

A British-built, hand-crafted sofa like a Duresta could quite literally last a lifetime such is the quality of its construction. You might be tempted by a smart a new sofa from one of the High Street sofa retailers, however, it will probably only take a few months before you see that all sofas are not created equal.

Unless you buy at the high end, most of the sofas available either online or on the High Street are now built in the Far East from cheap materials such as chipboard, low-density foam and bonded leather, which is basically scraps of leather glued together to resemble real leather. It is NOT proper leather in any real sense of the word.

Your Duresta sofa will have been built in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire from top-quality materials. Rather than chipboard, your Duresta frame will probably be made from a hardwood such as beech. Instead of being knocked together with a nail gun, it will be tightly screwed together, the cushions will be proper high-density foam which keeps its shape and resilience for years.

Most modern sofas start to lose their shape and comfort after only two or three years. Leather sofas become baggy as the low-quality foam loses shape and compresses at the same time as the cheap leather stretches. Frames start to creak and squeak as they gradually lose stiffness due to poor materials and sloppy assembly.

Give your Duresta sofa another lease of life

Your Duresta sofa is more than likely in as good condition under the surface as it was the day it left the factory, such is the quality of construction. All it probably needs is recovering in a modern leather or fabric to be ready for another 10 or 15 years of service.

Even so, we always strip sofas right back to the frame to check for any loosening of fixings or any damage that may have occurred during its life. If we find any, we’ll fix it, replacing any rails or springs with original quality parts. We’ll make sure it’s as tightly constructed as it was when it was new.

You can choose from a huge range of high-quality leathers and fabrics. Our work is never anything less than first class, you’ll be 100% satisfied and that’s a guarantee.

We cover the whole of Central Scotland and offer a completely free no-obligation quotation. You could save a fortune on buying new.

If you have a quality sofa like a Duresta, Chesterfield or a Natuzzi, don’t throw it away because it’s looking a bit worn around the edges! Get it recovered instead. It will cost around the same as a standard High Street sofa but will last much longer, be much more comfortable (and for a lot longer) and it will retain its value too.

And at less than half the price of buying a new Duresta sofa, it’s a real bargain.

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