Recovering a quality Duresta sofa with excellent results

Recovered fabric sofa before and after transformation

Mrs Yuill from Dunfermline in Fife asked us to give her a quote to recover her old Duresta suite in new, modern fabric.

She also needed an additional chair to match the one she already had. Long out of production, she thought her only option was to buy a new sofa and throw away her favourite old suite.

A friend recommended Rescot Upholstery and she gave us a call. We showed her a selection of fabrics and told her we would make her an additional matching chair from scratch, made from the same high-quality materials to ensure long life.

When we stripped down her sofa it was, as expected, in great condition underneath. Duresta knows how to make quality furniture and the frame was in great condition. We added some strengthening just to be sure as well as adding new foams and a couple of new springs. We made an exact copy of the single chair and then made the new covers.

Mrs Yuill absolutely loves it and can believe how well it turned out. She’s delighted at the price too, coming in at under half the cost of a replacement.

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Whether it's a favourite sofa or chair, dining chairs, office or restaurant seating or seating for your caravan or boat, ReScot can recover it for a lot less than the cost of a replacment.

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