Leather sofa recovery all over Scotland

Recovered leather sofa before and after transformation

You will not get a better or more competitive sofa recovery service anywhere in Scotland.

If you have a favourite sofa that you just love but it’s seen better days you don’t have to throw it away. ReScot can recover it in any way you like.

In the case below the customer loved the style of their leather sofa and couldn’t see anything in the shops that they preferred. In fact, they had been looking off and on for more than two years but kept coming back to the fact that they loved their existing sofa.

They contacted ReScot and we sourced leather that was almost identical and completely recovered it. It cost them a lot less than the new sofas they were looking at too (and none of them had the build quality of this one…). Their sofa now has at least 10 years of life left in it and probably a lot more than that and the customer is “over the moon” with the result.

And did you know that when we are recovering your sofa we can make it longer or shorter, higher of lower to suit your exact requirements? We can add a footrest or make a matching footstool from scratch. We can even make an additional single, double or sofa from scratch to match what you already have. Anything is possible, even if you see a sofa you like in a store we can make it for you for less than the store is charging.

Custom, hand-made sofas at excellent value prices. Contact ReScot for a free quote.

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Whether it's a favourite sofa or chair, dining chairs, office or restaurant seating or seating for your caravan or boat, ReScot can recover it for a lot less than the cost of a replacment.

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