Mrs Rooney from Currie in Edinburgh recovered her Reids sofa and loves the result!

Mrs Rooney from Edinburgh loved her old Reids leather sofa and didn’t want to part with it. When it was new it was a quality British built sofa but the years had taken their toll and it was looking rather the worse for wear.


Not any more though! Mrs Rooney chose a lovely pale grey leather and ReScot recovered her sofa, bringing it back to as new condition. Underneath we were not surprised to find that it was in excellent condition. The frame was as solid as it was when it left the factory. We replaced some webbing and a few springs just to be on the safe side in the areas that see the most traffic, added new foam and wrapped it in lovely soft new leather.

She said she couldn’t believe it was the same sofa and is ‘over the moon’ with the result. You could be too! Why not get in touch and see what we can do for your old sofa?



Leather Sofa Repadding: the fast and affordable way to give new life to your sofa

After a few years leather sofas often suffer from stretched leather and cushion compression. This tends to result in the seats that get the most use looking baggy and creased. It can be quite unsightly and make your sofa look a lot older than it actually is.

ReScot will visit your home, open up the sofa, add new quality foams and tighten the leather back up. We can repair any broken springs or webbing too, leaving your sofa feeling and looking almost like new. We do it in your home and it only takes an hour or two so it’s affordable and the results are great.

Give us a call anytime to find out more. We offer a free no-obligation quote too.


Recover your sofa from leather to fabric. Stunning transformation and a LOT cheaper than buying new.

If you have a quality leather sofa but are looking for a complete change why not try this?

You already know that your sofa is the right size and shape for your room but you fancy a change. Recovering it with the latest fabric all give you the look and feel of a brand new sofa for a lot less than the cost of buying brand new.

leather-fabricWe strip back your sofa to the bare frame. Repair anything that’s worn or damaged and make sure it’s as tightly screwed together as it was the day it left the factory.

We add new quality foams to reinforce the seating area and then recover it in the fabric of your choice. And what a choice you have. We have literally hundreds to choose from in every colour and effect you can think of. Of course we can take your fabric sofa and turn it in to a leather sofa in exactly the same way.

You get your sofa back looking and feeling brand new and ready for years of use. Don’t throw away a perfectly good sofa just because you fancy a change. Call ReScot and let us bring it back to life!