If you bought a quality sofa from DFS and it's now looking tired, don't worry, we can recover it!

Although DFS do sell low cost ‘budget’ sofa ranges they also offer many high quality sofas in their ranges too. We can recover a quality DFS sofa for a lot less than the cost of buying it new, in fact for around the cost of one of their more affordable sofas but with the difference that it will last a LOT longer. Get your DFS sofa reupholstered by the experts at ReScot

DFS are the biggest seller of sofas in the country. Like most High Street retailers, they offer ranges at various price points, a mixture of very affordable budget sofas, nice midrange sofas and some good quality ranges from the likes of Natuzzi and Duresta. High-quality, properly made furniture that will give years of great service.

Unfortunately, the ‘budget’ ranges are not really suitable for recovering as the framework and foams are not of high enough quality and by the time they start to look past their best on the outside they often are underneath as well.

Recover your DFS sofa

The better quality ranges from DFS though are usually perfect for recovery as they tend to have quality hardwood frames and components such as fittings and springs are a lot stronger, easily coping with years of use. Foams are usually a lot better too, maintaining their shape better and often only requiring a bit of extra padding to bring back their original shape and levels of comfort.

When treated to a ReScot recovery your old DFS sofa will easily be good for another 10 years of service and probably a lot more. We regularly work on sofas from the 1970s and underneath they’re usually as solid as a rock, putting most modern sofas to shame with the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

By recovering with stunning new materials, these sofas can look incredibly trendy and offer style unavailable from any High Street furniture store.

Don’t replace your sofa just because it looks a bit tired

If you’ve had your sofa for a good few years it’s likely to be either a bit worn or it’s lost its shape and isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. Even if it still looks good you might want to change your decor to something that no longer matches your sofa and as it’s usually the biggest thing in the room it can restrict your decor choices. You don’t have to replace otherwise perfectly good sofas or dining chairs just because they’re the wrong colour or look like they’ve seen better days. ReScot Upholstery is the local company that can bring it back to ‘as new’ condition and fantastic new styles for a lot less than the cost of a similar replacement.

Whatsmore, we have a massive choice of quality materials to choose from. Your old saggy sofa could look amazing in an up-to-the-minute leather or fabric design.

A real focus on value for money sofa recovery

We’re a small company with low overheads. Unlike many upholsterers we don’t employ salespeople or subcontractors and we don’t ever get involved in ‘hard sell’ techniques. We offer a free no-obligation home visit. You will be visited by a Master Upholsterer who will quickly take you through the options and give you the best possible advice. He’ll give you a price on the spot and will the leave you to make up your mind. As we are small company with a tight control on costs we believe that nobody can match our prices while offering anything like the quality of service and finish we can.

Call us for a Free Home Visit. We cover the whole of central Scotland, from west coast to east coast. Trust a local company that does the job right!

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We’re Master Upholsterers

We have many years of upholstery experience – we do it right

Unbeatable value for money

A quality sofa can last a lifetime. Treat it to some TLC and you’ll LOVE the results!

Change from Leather to Fabric

…or from Fabric to Leather, it’s entirely up to you, just about anything is possible

Superb Modern Fabrics

We’ve got a stunning range to choose from, something for every taste

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