Custom made bespoke sofas in any size and style at very affordable prices

Rescot can custom make a sofa to fit big people, small people or people who just want something unique. Sofas in any size or style that you can afford.

Rescot can custom-make a sofa to suit you exactly. You can have a stunning sofa that fits your room perfectly made by us from scratch to your precise specifications.

Sofas for big people and small people…

All standard sofas are a compromise. They are made to fit Mr and Mrs Average. What if you’re not Mr or Mrs Average? You might be particularly tall. You might have a larger frame. Or you might simply prefer something built just for you.

We can handbuild from scratch a sofa that fits your exact requirements for the price of a normal good-quality sofa you’ll find on the High Street. See a style you like? Just tell us and we’ll make it for you.

You can choose from a massive range of leathers and fabrics of every possible style.

Want a bright pink leather couch and two chairs with one chair tailored to fit someone 7ft tall and the other for someone 5ft tall? No problem at all, we can make it all for you from scratch at a very affordable price. Try that on the High Street!

Our sofa frames are ultra-strong. They are handmade in beech or birch hardwood and will last for years. We use only superior quality springs. All foams are fire-resistant and all fabrics exceed all UK safety regulations.

Commercial Upholstery

We can make one-off pieces or cater to contract or hotel chain requirements. Everything is made to measure.

Reupholstery Work

We can take your existing sofa, strip it down, turn a 2-seater into a 3-seater or vice versa, extend it or reduce it. We can even turn a standard 3-seater sofa into a chaise sofa or add a matching footstool. There’s literally nothing we can’t do to your existing sofa. We can even add a brand new chair to match an existing one.

Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you?

bespoke sofa build stages
Fabric sofa and stool recovery
Fabric sofa recovery

We’re Master Upholsterers

We have many years of upholstery experience – we do it right every time.

Unbeatable value for money

A quality sofa can last a lifetime. Treat it to some TLC and you’ll LOVE the results!

Latest Leathers and Fabrics

The choice is huge. We only deal with the very best materials from the top suppliers.

Any Style or Size. Anything's Possible

We can do anything to your exoisting sofa or start completely from scratch. It's up to you.

duresta fabric sofa recovery

Get a Fast and Free no hassle quotation

We don’t use any hard-sell techniques and that’s a promise. We can usually give you a price quickly over phone and can visit your home to give you an accurate quote free of charge.