Sofa Recovery

You won’t believe what we can do with your favourite old sofa, for a LOT less than buying a new one.

Sofa Repadding

Is your sofa looking saggy or baggy? We can easily repad it and bring it back to almost new looking condition.

Custom Made Sofas

We can make sofas to your own exact requirements, entirely from scratch. Incredible results and affordable.

Caravan & Boats too!

We can completely reupholster your caravan or boat in the latest fabrics. Stunning results every time.

Bellshill Sofa Upholstery. We're Lanarkshire's top sofa reupholstery company.

If you live in the Bellshill area you won't find a better deal on revamping your old sofa or chairs. We’re based in Calderbank and offer the most cost-effective way to reupholster your sofa you’ll find anywhere

You don’t have to replace otherwise perfectly good sofas or dining chairs just because they look like they’ve seen better days. ReScot Upholstery is the local company that can bring it back to ‘as new’ condition for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.
Whatsmore, we have a massive choice of quality materials to choose from. Your old saggy sofa could look amazing in an up-to-the-minute leather or fabric design.

A real focus on value for money

We’re a small company with low overheads. Unlike many upholsterers we don’t employ salespeople and we don’t ever get involved in ‘hard sell’ techniques. We offer a free no obligation home visit. You will be visited by a Master Upholsterer who will quickly take you through the options and give you the best possible advice for you. He’ll give you a price on the spot and will leave you to make up your mind. As we are a small company with tight control over costs we believe that nobody can match our prices while offering anything like the quality of service and finish we can.

Leather Sofa Repadding

We can repack your sofa too, repadding the cushions so that it not only looks great, but it’s as comfortable as it was the day it was delivered to you. On leather sofas, even the worst creases and sagging can be dramatically reduced. You’ll be amazed at the results and as it can be done in your home in only a couple of hours it’s very cost-effective and you’re not left without a sofa while the work is being done.

We can recover everything including dining chairs, your favourite old recliner, any kind of sofa, curtain pelmets and we can even completely renew your caravan upholstery.

Completely Bespoke Handmade Sofas

Prefer to start from scratch? We can build completely bespoke sofas in any size, style or fabric. You can design your sofa to suit your exact body size and shape, whether you’re extremely tall, short or wide we can make something that fits you exactly!
We’re highly experienced and our work is never anything less than first class, you’ll be 100% satisfied and that’s a guarantee.

We cover Bellshill and the surrounding areas with a completely free no-obligation quotation service for everything from a stool to a 3-piece Chesterfield so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a call. You could save a fortune on buying new.

Call us for a Free Home Visit. We’re only up the road Bellshill. Trust a local company that does the job right!

Recovered leather sofa before and after transformation

What our customers say…

Brilliant result. The service was quick, professional and offered good value for money. Would use again.
TG, Bellshill

I have to say I’m very impressed by the quality of the finished work. The suite looks fantastic and is rock solid. I love the material. It looks even better on the couch than it did in the sample book. It was a gamble recovering instead of buying new but it was an expensive suite when we bought it and I would have hated to throw it away as I’ve always loved it. I’m so happy we didn’t buy new. Our friends are extremely impressed too. I think you’ll be getting a few more orders soon!
Arlene Hendry, Mossend, Bellshill

blue leather sofa recovery

We’re Master Upholsterers

We have many years of upholstery experience – we do it right

Unbeatable value for money

A quality sofa can last a lifetime. Treat it to some TLC and you’ll LOVE the results!

Change from Leather to Fabric

…or from Fabric to Leather, it’s entirely up to you, just about anything is possible

Superb Modern Fabrics

We’ve got a stunning range to choose from, something for every taste